Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Running Sharepoint on Vista and my presentation Prep

So I’m sitting here trying to prep for my presentation on Sharepoint Designer tomorrow to the MOSSIG group and I thought I’d be clever and run the presso directly from my laptop to avoid the age old VPC performance problems.

Well, there’s a neat little blog post from the Bamboo guys about how to get Vista to run Sharepoint on a desktop (both MOSS and WSS). I’ve seen this in action, but never attempted it myself, but after tonight. I think I’ll give it a miss for a while.

The problem isnt Bamboo, but rather my Vista tablet PC’s inability to turn on IIS and the other services I need to pre-configure before I can install Sharepoint…. shame that there’s some issue there but I must say I’m pretty impressed in Vista’s durability to rollback a change that wont update. Just boot it into Safe Mode and it will roll it back.

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