Friday, January 23, 2009

New Year, New Job

A decision I made in December 08 that after 3 years at PA building the Sharepoint practice, was that I'd head over to the Stargate Group into their Professional Services team.
There were a number of reasons for taking up the challenge at Stargate. There's definetly a freshness that a change of scenery can bring, but I'm really excited about working with some top people in the industry, well known and respected by their peers in there areas- and Stargate has been quietly grabbing alot of them.
Ben, Ed, Rai & Steve in the Sharepoint Team, Bill, Miguel in Biztalk and Mark in CRM are just a few here and make it a compelling team of skilled people so watch this space as no doubt my post will age quickly with the people we're bringing on and the services we're putting in place.
I'll be working as a Principal Consultant (or is that Principle) across our 3 technology platforms in Sharepoint, Biztalk and Dynamics CRM, primarily focussing on my pet area in Sharepoint.

Thankyou to all the wellwishers as I started this week. Its still business as usual with everything else and the usergroup so if you need to contact me, my new address is: tim*dot*wragg *at* stargategroup*dot*com*dot*au

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