Friday, July 25, 2008

Sharepoint Workflow & BPM Podcast

Its been a bit of a lag putting this one up. But at our may MOSSIG meeting I ran the workflow panel session and the podcast is available at our mossig site.
Its a great listen for anyone looking to understand and position bpm and workflow requirements in Sharepoint.


Workflow Panel Session (May 2008)

Recorded at the May Monthly Meeting, our panel were product specialists & architects who represented a number of bpm & workflow technologies. Each of our product specialists presented some background to each product (Slides - Nintex, K2, Skelta) as well as the Workflow Foundation and SharePoint Designer. We then started fleshing out our understanding of workflow and our common scenarios and pains with some great insights from the panel and audience on designing and developing workflow solutions as well as positioning of the relevant technologies to us.


         Elaine Van Burgen (Solutions Architect - SDM),

         Steve Heaney (Product Specialist - Nintex) ,

         Jey Srikantha (Product Specialist - K2)

         Vinay Joseph (Product Specialist of Skelta - SDM)

MC'd by Tim Wragg

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