Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Blog Considerations for SharePoint

One of the great features with WSS V3 or MOSS is its blogging capabilities, which is best utilised when everyone can contribute easily to a blog, subscribe to the RSS feed and stay looped in. 
If you're wanting to incorporate a blog into your SharePoint environment I'd suggest the following considerations.

Contributing Content
Unfortunately, SharePoint provides a limited web interface for posting blogs, mainly with formatting text and adding images to a post - which can easily turn an end-user off.
To get around this, I've often recommended Word 2007's blog capabilities as the perfect replacement for the web interface however Office 2007 isn't always available - so what is and is free?  Well I use Live Writer to manage this blog, and hooray, it also works with SharePoint.

Making it Look Good
Check out the Community Kit for Sharepoint - there are some blog extensions in there which give your blog site a great facelift, but also provide a number of new and enhanced features.

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