Monday, May 19, 2008

Great Podcast on the Cloud and Mobility – get it here

As part of the Office System Forum earlier this month, I ran a panel session with David Lemphers, Nigel Watson and Chris Vidotto from Microsoft. This was a great session where we started with the emergence of cloud based services, defining what they are and what it means for partners and consumers.
Our second topic was on mobility and the general consensus that mobility applications have been poorly designed & implemented and the market remains largely untapped . This topic was a lot of fun, as broad as ‘mobility’ can be, most people can relate from a device & application point of view.
We wrapped up the panel session with a fun look at an IT startup where each panelist pitched their ideas for a new business. There was some great social networking ideas both funny and thought provoking.
It’s a great listen and you can grab it here – at the
podcast’s on the MOSSIG’s site.

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