Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Hello Again World

I feel like I’ve been a hole the last 3 months, Hibernating on several MOSS projects that all came in at once (typical). Well I’m finally catching up with my first day in the office this year and I thought I'd post for the first time as well.

I guess the big one was The SharePoint Conference in Seattle appeared to be a big hit, I’ll get the full debrief from our guys who went later this week. Also announced/launched during the conference was the Gear-Up site from Microsoft. Its actually pretty good :), less salesy & with some simple messages & ideas on how to roll out the SharePoint elephant. I think most of the major partners are well ahead of these, but it will definetly serve its purpose as a reference site and a starting point for some.

MOSSIG has been flying along and we’re close to organizing our first big community event in the Office Dev Con – more on that soon.
In other news, it’s great to hear a good friend, and fellow MOSSIG board member - Ed Richard was awarded Microsoft MVP status for MOSS. Ed's been a tireless worker in the Oz community in the past few years as a frequent blogger, board member of MOSSIG and other projects - like DevCon - so well done Ed.

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