Wednesday, November 07, 2007

A Great Podcast! - Platforms Panel Session @ MOSSIG last month

At our October MOSSIG meeting, we had a special panel session with David Lemphers, Nigel Watson and Graham Elliott from Microsoft. The topic, Platforms.

It was a fantastic session, with the 3 guys debating each others points of view from the definition & maturity of a platform right through to the future opportunities for us as we push platform services into ‘the cloud’.
To find this podcast – go to our
Podcasts section on the MOSSIG site.

Some great points in the podcast that I've paraphrased.

David Lemphers - "What defines a platform, how can you say that Office is a platform or Biztalk & Visual Studio Team System are. A lot of it is in the the eye of the beholder"

Nigel Watson - "the further out of whack you try to bend a particular platform, the crapper your life will get as an implementer - are my requirements in the sweet spot of this platform?"

Graham Elliott - "Once you've bet your business on SharePoint, CRM or any platform, the partners and ISV's out there that win in the future are the ones who focus their time on their customers, not at the vendor and what features the platform should have."

Nigel Watson - "With the web platform, a new model of delivery has come to provide services"

David Lemphers - "Were at a really early stage of what is going to be the future of platform. Platforms are going to stop being about these low level technology bits and move to high level interactions and experiences that consumers have in their day to day lives and the businesses who are going to win are the ones who can recognise and deliver on that"

Nigel Watson - "The pie is much, much bigger then its ever been,"

Graham Elliott - “Right” :)

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