Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I've been MCP'd (finally)

I've been holding off for some time now waiting for a Sharepoint MCP exam thats more to do with my job role around architecture and design. Sadly I dont think Microsoft will ever structure an exam like this for Sharepoint so under increasing pressure from my company to get MCP'd, I dived into the Configuring WSS 3.0 (exam 70-631).
It came across very easy if you have a background rolling out Sharepoint before although the weighting of questions relating to infrastructure like Network Load Balancing was a little high and something I had to school up on.
I think thats about all I can say about the exam but anyone wanting to get MCP'd around Sharepoint - this is your ticket. I was done in 15 minutes with a 100% score.
Hopefully the MOSS exam (70-630) is better.

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Sriwantha said...

Yeap, this is going to be cool. But I need even more features. They include, direct representation of list as tables, improved search functionality with wild card search, better AJAX support to overcome the post back, and better way to customize core.css file. More than any of those I need to have better and easy way to develop and deploy sharepoint componets. (no more iis reset and cache flushing mmmm..... )
Good Luck buddy
Sriwantha Sri Aravinda