Friday, August 24, 2007

BDC Definition Editor Released

The BDC Definition Editor was released with the MOSS August SDK – read about it here on the SharePoint Team Blog.
For those of you working with the Business data Catalogue you’ll know it can be hard to get going with an application definition file (or schema).
Previously, the free version of the
BDC Meta Data Man gave you a starting point, however if you wanted to do anything but a basic mapped schema then it wasn’t going to take you that far unless you bought the full version (about AU $1000).
Looks like the BDC Definition Editor is now your best bet to get going.

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Anonymous said...

I can't get the Microsoft BDC Editor to work after a week of trying it on the AdventureWorks database. It's totally worthless and a waste of time. If Microsoft ever wants to know what's slowing down the rate of adoption of BDC, providing crappy tools is the pimary reason. I shouldn't have to waste my time figuring out various "work-arounds" for the most simple things which should already have been QA tested before it ever made its first public appearance.