Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Daily Sharepoint WTF...

Got an email this morning from one of our Tech's who'd finally solved an issue we were having at a client who we're implementing a solution that needs MOSS Enterprise.
To put some context around this,
Infrastructure consists of,
  • 2 front end load balanced web servers,
  • clustered SQL Server in a SAN,
  • a separate Reporting Services box.
  • All virtualised.
So with some complexity in the infrastructure we were rolling MOSS onto, once we got an issue with Reporting Services the errors and troubleshooting pointed towards some authentication issues between the servers - our first MS support case suspected Kerberos and brought in about 10 different engineers including MOSS, Reporting Services & Kerberos guru's. There was some dirty troubleshooting going on with the kerberos guru's ripping into the registry.

Fast forward 4 weeks later and the issue still hadn't been resolved.

The tally now was,
  • 5 support cases opened/escalated,
  • approx 20-30 support engineers had worked on this from PA and Microsoft,
  • a Priority A case opened at MS where they actually replicate the client environment for their own testing - suspecting that a hotfix would be needed.

So the issue? - yeah I was getting to that....
The cause of the problem: an invisible space at the end of the following configuration screen in MOSS's central admin site:

One of the observant MS support tech's picked it up from a log file that had this line where the + represents a space...
/reportserver+/ReportService2006.asmx - 8080

I'll never copy/paste again :)

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