Thursday, January 04, 2007

New Year, New Beginnings

I decided to come back to work a few days earlier then the norm so I could have some quiet time and plan for the year ahead.
I'm genuinely excited about this year for Information Worker solutions with MOSS 2007 implementations already kicking off and all the aspects of a business this now touches.
The release of Vista and Office 2007 has had alot of people excited internally but I wonder how long this will take before our clients start to adopt it. I think both BI and Sharepoint requirements will help the 2007 office client adoption but Vista will be a slow burn - mainly due to driver compatibility issues.

On the user group front, we had a end of year meeting for MOSSIG and our main driver this year are to rollout our new website using MOSS. We have a test site up there running the beta 2 of MOSS which was a good start but needs alot of work.

On the home front, Trines (my wife) is starting to show abit as she's 15 weeks pregnant and Molly (my dog) had her first birthday on New Years. Happy Days...

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