Thursday, November 30, 2006

Was it Milton?

I've been working from home this week after some excitement when I rocked up for work on Monday morning to find our entire office building sectioned off. Initial reports were a fire but apparently a burst water pipe flooded the basement with over 2 meters of water frying the electrics and damaging the foundations.
Being a curious one, I stood at the front door looking through to the dark foyer when I caught the glare of a lady who had the honour of being the fire warden. (I knew this as she had a hardhat that had 'Fire Warden' stuck on it thanks to the
Brother P-touch). She explained to me that power was cut (really - thats why the lights are off) and that it would take most of the day to clean up the mess. She was also ushering me to the evacuation point on the other side of the building as per her job description.

Now, normally you can relate most office moments back to Dilbert but this one belongs to the movie Office Space where Milton and his desk get unfairly moved to the basement and he burns the place down in retribution.
Our building is at least in a state of repair but we're not expected to get back in there until next week. A few days longer then the fire wardens initial estimates.

We even made the TV news and the paper

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Davo said...

LOL, ahh the Fire Warden, don't you just love how power drunk pencil pushers get when anointed with the "Helmet o' Power"...