Monday, October 02, 2006

Give Credit where Credit is due Pat

Time to have a dig at someone off the back of Nick's post about his blog being plagiarized by a fellow 'community member', Pat. At first when I read Nick's post I thought he was possibly being abit precious about his blog but after viewing Nicks post
and then Pats later one
you'd be pretty annoyed to, as there was an obvious amount of work that went into it and Pat's basically done a copy/paste. There may be a place in blogland for those who pretty much use their blog as an aggregator of other peoples posts but I don't see anyplace for someone like Pat who gives no credit to the author and blatantly copy/pastes a detailed article like Nicks. Further to this he touts his site as a Knowledge and Collaboration community site, runs google ads and goes by the BIMVP title which may lead people to assume he's of Microsoft MVP status. It all ads up to a sly way of contributing to the community – granted we all want to make a living but and perhaps the ads are to cover the webhosting but hopefully Pat credits Nick correctly and he re-evaluates his methods of contributing to the community.


Nick shot me an email today saying that Pat had said his blog tool somehow stuffed up in crediting Nick for the article. Pat's since removed the post.

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Nick Barclay said...

Precious? Moi?

Thanks for the support, Tim. Much appreciated.