Tuesday, September 19, 2006

R.I.P i-mate SP5

The hits just keep on coming after Steve Irwin and Brocky now my i-mate SP5 has met an untimely, watery death in the freezing cold waters of Brighton Beach. Whilst I don’t think a state funeral is on hand, being email and calendar impaired is already hurting as just this morning I had 3 phone calls regarding emails which I hadn’t got because I was onsite.

The guys at work are all giving it too me as I’ve been such an advocate for the devices and have hooked a few of them up with the jamins and now I’m wandering round with the nokia brick phone. So goodbye email, calendar, tasks, mp3, camera, mini golf, TomTom - hello polyphonic rings, snake and that stupid 10-pin bowling game that I could never get a strike in.

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Kym Phillpotts said...

I got a i-mate SP5 at the MDEC and managed to give mine a watery funeral as well. I jumped into a pook in Noosa at xmas with my phone in my pocket. I dried it out for approx 5 days and now it's working as good as ever. Not sure how long for though...