Wednesday, August 02, 2006

MS Office – Your LOB integrator

More news out of MS with a reshuffle of the CRM Development team under the Office banner. Read here.Whilst its always integrated into Outlook, CRM seems headed for an even richer experience into the Office Client going forward – which is good news for end users and information workers alike.

Web based LOB systems like CRM & Sharepoint have often suffered user acceptance issues due to the paradigm shift that is the interface. Nothing beats working in Outlook if you’re a sales person just like nothing beats word when you want to work with documents - simple. But It’s this comfort factor that inhibits users to use the systems to their full potential.

In 2007, Sharepoint and Office are again getting closer together. Outlook has document libraries, discussion lists & forms all syncing so the visibility is great. But we’ll see more into the rest of the office Suite as well with Word, Excel & Workflow and even Powerpoint and slide libraries (very neat syncing of slides)

So the future is bright – as long as you keep your Outlook Client up to date

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