Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Free Willy

One of the funnier sideshows to TechEd has been observing good friend and fellow MOSSIG member Will Cornwill and his fetish for anything free.
With a massive amount of trade show stands to visit, Will was in his element as he systematically worked the room over – multiple times.
When he’d come over to give me an update of his haul, he was like a kid on Halloween showing off his swag. Which by my last count included - 6 caps, 4 t-shirts, 2 mini clock radios, pens, notepads and a heap of stress balls – not to mention a lifetime of spam emails that will follow.
I think by Friday, Will’s number was up with many of the stands having “Do Not Serve This Guy” photos of Will.
I might have made that last bit up but Will, or Free Willy as you are now known, you only missed out on one thing at TechEd – the MOSSIG team Photo :)

please note - Will was not the only MOSSIG member to miss the team photo. Ben and I wrestled with the thought of boycotting the photo but thought it was the team thing to do.

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