Thursday, June 22, 2006

Blogging could take off – within businesses

I posted a little while back about a little experience I had using MS Word 2007 to write and publish a blog post (just like I’m doing now). I tested this on my blogger account and was surprised how easily it did what it said it was going to do.

My next step was to try this out on an internal blog site I setup with Sharepoint 2007. I was using MS Word to write a post, dropping in some images and charts and then published this to the Sharepoint site. Again this worked a treat with the only downer being that I couldn’t categorise my post, but regardless blogging to Sharepoint couldn’t be easier. Showing this to my MD (Derek) immediately got his attention as to how best he can communicate to the staff and within 5 minutes his blog was setup. Derek’s been at me before about blogging – we tried one with Sharepoint 2003 and discussion lists but it failed mainly because of the limited formatting and alerting. So he reverted back to emails but was at me again recently when he saw this blog and all the features it had with its archive, comments and syndicating – which you now get with Sharepoint 2007.

So now the humble test box running Sharepoint 2007 has grown into an internal blogging server with individual and team blogs and we’re currently setting up product blogs as well.It’s great to see this taking off but I think the snowball effect will come when IE 7 and/or Outlook 2007 is released. This will give your typical end users an inbuilt RSS experience with two prominent applications they use and will only help educate more office workers into the ease and value of blogging and help them jump on board.

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