Thursday, February 09, 2006

IE 7 Beta 2 Review- Sharepoint (N) but Search Providers (Y)

Probably the most blogged about item in the past week as been that IE7 Beta 2 was available for download and for those of us who took the plunge and installed it, is it worth it?
In my book, I was happier with running the bare bones beta 1 which was probably left me more vulnerable but my experiences with Sharepoint and the beta 2 have been frustrating. But for those of you who read past my gripe there is a little cherry below in the new Search Scope feature that IE7 has.
So my main gripe is the ‘Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage’ which basically happens with IE thinks the webpage is not responding. That’s fine but I can’t seem to set the timeout option.
So this really irks me when I’m working with the internal Sharepoint site we have at work as when I try to load the webpart page gallery (which takes about 20 seconds to load) IE7 jumps in with the timeout message. My only option now is to use frontpage for the webpart design and config.
Very annoying, especially since the beta 2 also took away the file menu, so now I can’t click the ‘Edit in Frontpage’ link from the browser. Now I ran beta 1 and didn’t have a problem with any of this so I was abit pissed when it started happening.

Anyways, I’m getting over it now as the world is bigger then me and my Sharepoint world.
The beta 2 does have some cool new features. They’ve given it the spit and polish and built some more functionality around the tab browsing, but what interests me most is the search scopes in the top right of the browser UI.
By default, it has the MSN search (typical) and you can add in google, yahoo etc which in some respects, is nothing new then what you could get out of the google or msn toolbar, except for a few good points.
It’s less real-estate on the screen as its discretely located in the top right.
You can add your providers like I’ve done with Google. (there is a list of them here )

The big one for me is that you can create your own search providers using the ‘Open Search’ description document.

The mind boggles for me with this Open Search feature, imagine the browser UI having search functionality for your internal Sharepoint intranet, or CRM system. I can see this being a great way to present the information sources that an office user needs all in one place and where better then the browser.
The only downer I’m seeing with the Open Search feature is that you can’t define search scopes within the provider. So for google it would be good if you can drill into the web, google groups, images etc. Same with Sharepoint, where you can define scopes.

So I have a dream, both externally (msn, google, supplier sites) and internally (Sharepoint, CRM, Active Directory), time for a POC.


leerm8680 said...

If you right click over the icons, you can enable the "classic menu". This will give you the file menu, and the "edit in frontpage" option.

Anonymous said...

The Edit in Frontpage seems to work for a page from the web, but not if you open an html page saved to your harddrive.

Anonymous said...

Web searches using your favorite search provider
can now be entered into a search box within the toolbar,
eliminating the clutter of separate toolbars.
You can easily choose a provider from the dropdown
list or add more providers.
Here's a list of Search Providers for IE 7.

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