Monday, February 20, 2006

Frontpage gets the flick

Frontpage is gone! - well not completely, but its had a name change and is now firmly focussed on being a Sharepoint designer as part of the Office 2007 suite.
Its new official title is 'Microsoft Office Sharepoint Designer 2007' and just with this simple change, it should help the confusion that came with Frontpage 2003 being seen as a web design app, and not where it was best suited- designing WSS or Sharepoint sites.
The Sharepoint designer will no doubt offer all the same functionality that Frontpage 2003 did for WSS/SP 2003 but will extend into the new features of Sharepoint 2007, namely workflow and reporting.
The workflow designer, built off the Workflow Foundation will allow non-developers to build basic Sharepoint workflow with a set of Sharepoint activities.
It will be good to see just how functional this workflow designer will be, in terms of the amount of activities and the workflow control that will be available out of the box.
For anyone who has worked with Sharepoint before, one major hole is its lack of configurable workflow. The only option was too look for expensive 3rd party workflow apps that hook into Sharepoint, alot of overkill esp for SMB and mid market companies. The Sharepoint designer will provide a low budget option to those wanting some basic workflow in or through Sharepoint as well as the ability to build off the workflow foundation into more complex requirements.
This will make it an essential application with any business looking at Sharepoint

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