Monday, January 30, 2006

The Little Things - An easy save for a Sharepoint Doc Library (updated)

Stumbled across a new document save technique the other day (new for me anyway) and thought, whilst this is very very simple its something I'm using heaps and its saving me alot of time, so for those interested read on as I'll take you on a journey of my coming of age in Sharepoint DL saving...

For anyone who works with document libraries in Sharepoint you'd know that saving a document in SP is achieved in any of the following ways,

- Create a new document direct from Sharepoint in the Browser
- Save a document locally and use 'Upload' from Sharepoint in the browser
- Create or Open a document in Word and click Save/Save As and try to navigate to the Sharepoint Doc Lib by either a mapped drive (no good as it doesnt prompt for metadata) or the url of the sharepoint site.

So the URL is the best approach in my book for the old skoolers who you can stop from opening word rather then Sharepoint. So from Word in the 'Save As' box you'd type the URL of the sharepoint site (
http://myportal/mydocsite) and Word is smart enough to give you a list of document libraries the Sharepoint site has. Select the right one, click save, add your metadata and your done.... Best method yes, easy.... not really.

So the main bummer is typing in the site url each time you save a document, (something I'd put up with for a while) and it wasnt until I started looking around on the Save box that I found the tools menu option of 'Save to My Places' and voila, I now have the URL path of my Sharepoint site as a nice big icon link staying forever in my Save box. I use these icons alot, the My Documents and My Computer are very handy for navigating on my local HDD, and I'd think for most of those who are coming from the old Network Drive scenario that they're used to the 'My Network Places' so now its 'My Sharepoint Places' if your that way inclined.

Its amazing how many hits this post has received so its obviously something that people are wanting a simple answer for. So to make it even easier - you can manage a users 'My Places' through Group Policy, so have a chat to your system administrator ;)


Anonymous said...

'Save to My Places' works only for Office 2003. For Office 2007, references

Anonymous said...

Tim, thanks so much for this! You've just made life so much easier for everyone in our office!


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