Friday, January 13, 2006

The cleanest wheel should get the grease.

So I’m here sitting through a technology day at my company and several presentations are drilling into the features of products from the Business Solutions Suite and Office 12.
Its no surprise that functionality within these products has a lot of cross over.
Features such as
Charting in Excel 12 (so rich and powerful)
Data bars and heat graphs are also a great features that you’ll see more of soon.
Form customisations in CRM are similar to Sharepoint lists.

So much code has been written around these that it staggers me that there wasn’t a bigger initiative at an early stage of these upcoming products to uniform these across the board.
Wouldn’t you pump the dollars into a universal charting engine or conditional formatting that is then built into the products that need it. I think Reporting Services and using Frontpage for Sharepoint customisations would add heaps of value.
Or build the form customisations with Sharepoint, webparts and Frontpage into MSCRM?
Its not just the functionality that is missed throughout but the user experience changes throughout these products and can only make their uptake harder.

Thick and thin clients that the products exist through can be hard for a uniform approach as well
as the baggage MS has taken in buying out some of their product suite.

Some uniform initiatives are already happening with the Charts and the Workflow Foundation pushing throughout the product suite.

So what did I present on the day? The Workflow foundation of course – but that’s for another post.

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