Friday, December 16, 2005

The Paperless Meetingroom?

I must say I was a little slow adopting the feature set of One Note to improve work habits. I’m one for embracing new technology when I see the benefit but it wasn’t until I was given a fully fledged demo of One Note from one of colleagues that I could see its value.
So gone are the pages of client notes and scribble diagrams that I used to take to help me understand my clients requirements, the manila folders I used to keep by my desk and the transferring of important notes to my Sharepoint project site or CRM system. For a guy who is preaching collaboration, I was somewhat contradicting myself by bagging the usefulness of One Note.

So why post about my revelation of One Note? – its old news for some? Well for those who’ve caught up on One Note 12 and most notably the feature set of One Note Mobile you might have read about these more then handy new features.

- Full featured 2 way syncing with One Note Mobile (Smartphone only at this point :(, there is an outcry with Pocket PC’s so expect support).
- Video and Picture searching.

So what’s good about this? Well, the full 2 way sync will allow greater adoption of the product to those not lucky enough to have a tablet pc. Which is great news for consultants and anyone attending meetings but the most touted feature is undoubtedly the picture searching. The ability to store images in one note and search them for words… yes search (see the image below). This could potentially do away with anything paper that you would typically collect in a meeting. Business cards, requirement docs, whiteboard diagrams.
The possibilities are widespread but for me sitting in my consulting world, I’m already sold.

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