Thursday, December 15, 2005

Hello World

Having been on the blog scene for some time now I’d always considered myself a consumer not a supplier. With so many guys out there posting great stuff from the bleeding edge I always thought I’d be somewhat of a rehasher if I ever started a blog. So as my solution selling book says “Where’s the Value?”, well, now I think I’ve found some with the upcoming releases in the Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) and Office 12.

Being passionate about Collaboration and Human Workflow (HW), for many years now I’ve implemented solutions on the Sharepoint platform with 3rd party workflow solutions, Infopath and the .NET framework, some interesting experiences there with many lessons learnt.
So seeing what’s around the corner with WF and Office 12 with a potentially end to end solution in HW, well, like the Late Big Kev “I’m Excited”.

So what to expect from my blog? Well, I’ll post around WF, Sharepoint V3, Infopath and the rest of the Office 12 suite.

In the coming months I’ll be fortunate enough to be part of the Office 12 TAP program. This will allow me to get my hands dirty with the dogfood builds. I’ll post my playtime mainly on Sharepoint V3, Outlook and Infopath 12, although I’m bound by an NDA with the TAP so some posts will have to wait until the MS guys let it slip.

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