Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Blog Resurection

Its taken a few months of guessing, but I finally remembered what my blog username and password is.

Note to self - find a good application to store the large number of logins I now have.

One note to all those login sites - could you please standardise your password strengths - its so frustrating have to think up new combinations (which I invariably forget).

Forms in SharePoint 2010 Presentation

At last months MOSSIG (March Meeting), I presented on Forms in SharePoint 2010. This was a business focussed session where I looked at the common requirements that come with SharePoint - typically for Intranets where internal forms and processes are automated. The presentation then looked more at SharePoint 2010 and the impact the new features of 2010 will bring.

I've uploaded the presentation on SlideShare.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

SharePoint Saturday Recap

One post I've had in the wings for a while was the debrief from SharePoint Saturday Melbourne - which was in October 2009.

Well done to all involved as we had a successful turnout of 70+ people and more importantly, a really great community vibe was evident throughout the day with the conversations amongst the group.
I was fortunate enough to present on Enterprise Search, of which I set the scene with the product set and took aim at some simple techniques to ensure Search gets adopted well in a SharePoint implementation.

So for those who were asking for the slide deck and material - belatedly, I've uploaded this on slideshare for you.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sharepoint Daily WTF – Datasheet View

This one stumped me…

At a particular client site, they have mixed versions of Office (2003 and 2007) on their desktops, and have just recently embraced Sharepoint’s datasheet view for bulk editing lists of client, suppliers etc.

Well, today one of them mentioned that certain columns weren't appearing in their datasheet view, but they were on other computers.

As it turns out, it appears that Lookup Fields and People Picker columns don't work in the datasheet view of the Office 2003 install.
A real bummer, so my only workaround was to use the choice fields (drop down list)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I’m on the Office 2010 Technical Preview

Yesterday I received my first email from Microsoft with a welcome to the Office 2010 Technical Preview.

Currently we can download and evaluate the client side (Outlook,word,excel etc) software with the server bits (SharePoint, Project Server etc) coming soon.


Exciting times ahead and my colleagues and I at Stargate will have some fantastic learning's we’ll share with the community.
more on that later.